Jues Pod Strawberry Kiwi 2ml

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JUES Pods are one of the best pods in Malaysia, with good quality and affordable prices. The flavor of the JUES pods will be exactly what you like and they will last you longer than the average pods. JUES pods are designed with advanced anti-leaking technology that provides a premium vaping experience, with no worries about the leak. With 12 different flavors available, JUES Pods are the perfect on-the-go device for every single type of vapers. JUES pods are pre-filled with 2ml capacity, which consists of a 3% to 5% NIC level. 

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Jues pods are a great alternative to traditional cigarettes and are becoming increasingly popular among smokers who want to reduce the harm caused by smoking. Jues pods are smaller than cigarettes, which makes it easier to vape throughout the day. They are also much cheaper than traditional cigarettes, which makes them an even better alternative. 

Jues pods come with 18 flavors: Sweet Mint, Coconut Latte Mango, Black Ice Tobacco, Guava, Spring Water, Blueberry, Grapes, Passion Fruit, Blueberry Tobacco, Longjing Tea, and Watermelon, Peach, Lime, cola, Rainbow Candy, Green Apple, and Honeydew.

Jues Pod is perfect for those looking to get away from the smell and taste of traditional cigarettes. Sold in packs of 1 pod and available in 12 flavors, you’re sure to find a new favorite when you buy Jues Pods.

Easy to use, the Jues pod is a closed system that gives you the flavorful vapor you want with none of the hassles of refilling and cleaning. Each pod contains 2mL of 3% – 5% nicotine e-liquid with approximately 520 puffs per cartridge.

Jues is a sleek and stylish e-cigarette that uses patented Jues pods filled with a proprietary e-liquid formulation that combines Nicotine Salt, propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerine, and flavor. You can buy them in Sweet Mint, Spring Water, Longjing Tea are very popular. No need to charge or refill — each Jues pod contains enough e-liquid for 500+ puffs. 

Jues pod will bring back your memory of many flavors as we enjoyed in our childhood. It has 12 sweet and tasty flavors from sweet mint to coconut Latte. It is a very easy-to-use device and it comes with a container that you can use to put your Jues pod.

Is Jues vaping safe?

Jues is a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes and can be used as a way to quit smoking. Jues Vaping is usually cheaper than smoking cigarettes and can be used to reduce the amount you spend on tobacco products. Jues Vaping is not perfectly harmless but is much less harmful than traditional cigarettes. When vaped instead of smoked, tobacco products become significantly less harmful to those around you, as there is currently no evidence that second-hand vapor is harmful.




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