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    Anything about JUES Product

    JUES is a next-generation e-cigarette POD system and Disposable gadget that is simple to use and geared for adult smokers seeking an alternative to smoking cigarettes.

    To cater current adult smokers, JUES provides high-quality nicotine salts formula with clever temperature management technology to heat the material to an ideal degree of vaporization for effective and pleasurable nicotine delivery. JUES also replicates the simplicity that smokers are used to, making the shift from smoking cigarettes nearly effortless.

    Make sure the gadget is fully charged before usage. Remove the colorful cap from the JUES POD and insert it to the JUES device and gently inhale.

    There is No buttons or switches to power on your JUES device. Simply draw on the mouthpiece.

    JUES Pod boasts a 2ml e-juice capacity with a ceramic atomizer, while JUES+ takes it up a notch with a 2.5ml e-juice capacity and a cutting-edge mesh ceramic atomizer.

    JUES devices are straightforward to maintain. If condensation form, wipe the charging contacts and inside the device using a cotton bud.

    Don’t keep a JUES gadget for more than two weeks with an empty battery. It’s recommended to charge the gadget completely and remove the JUES POD before storage. As with other goods containing nicotine, keep the device out of reach of children and dogs. Do not keep the items in direct sunlight or excessive temperatures.

    JUES is safe for travel, however usage of vapourizers on flights are normally restricted. Exposure to high altitude variations may cause tiny amount of leakage in JUES products, particularly if they’re half utilized. You may still use a JUES pod or JUES+ or JUES Disposable if any liquid escapes, but carefully wipe it off with a clean cloth or tissue before putting into your device

    Depending on your use, a full charge will last roughly more than a day based on the use.

    JUES’s smart-charge technology is meant to minimize overcharging.

    JUES gadget should be viewed as a consumer electrical device. Follow your city’s municipal instructions for disposing of a lithium-polymer rechargeable battery.

    Standing: When the gadget is not utilized, the LED indicator will be off;

    Low battery: When the power is less than 25%, the LED 1 indication will blink;

    During charging: The indicator will flash one by one.

    The signifying red flashes for 3 times:

    Inhale protection: This protection system is to prevent the user from irritation caused by strong inhale or continuously inhaled more than 5 times, the LED will change into red colour to activate the protection mechanism.

    Overcharged protection: This protective mechanism is to protect itself when the charging cable is disconnected with too much strength after it is completely charged or unplugged often, and the indicator will flash red colour 3 times.

    The package contains a premium gadget with colour options, a type -c USB charging cord and a user handbook.

    All JUES devices and Pods are not waterproof.

    The shelf life of the JUES Pod and JUES+ is 1 year only, provided it is kept carefully and unopened.

    We suggest completing the goods within 15 days after opening for the optimum flavour and taste.

    Yes! According to public health of England, vaping is 95% better than smoking. We promise you that with two boxes of JUES POD, you can quit smoking.

    JUES is equipped with a 400 mAh battery. Traditionally, the battery could last for 24hours under regular use.

    One JUES POD will last for two days with regular use, more or less comparable to two packets of traditional cigarettes.

    Where as, JUES+ will last for two days with regular use, more or less comparable to two packets of traditional cigarettes.

    Feel free to contact us at https://juespod.com/index.php/contact/ and our customer service specialist will help you appropriately.

    Yes! We guarantee a 1-year warranty for JUES devices only.

    Simply scan the QR code found in your JUES device box and enter your details and serial number to register at https://juespod.com/index.php/warranty/.

    • Child Lock for safety
    • 6.8 Watts of power for the perfect hit
    • LED indicator for easy use
    • Long-lasting 380 mAh battery
    • Stylish and colorful designs to match your personality
    • Affordable price that won’t break the bank

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